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Source Water Protection Plan

The District has completed a plan to protect the source of our drinking water.  The source of drinking water for the District comes from three groundwater wells located near East Lake Creek. The source water protection area is the land area from which our drinking water supply originates. 

The Source Water Protection Plan is a tool that the District is using to ensure clean and high quality drinking water sources for current and future generations. The Plan includes a map of protection area, an inventory of potential sources of contaminants to the water supply, and tables of management practices that will help to decrease risks from these potential contaminants. 

We believe that if area residents, businesses and ranches understand that drinking water comes from rainfall seeping through the land surface to the aquifer and running off the land surface to the river, they will be more careful regarding the activities that they do on that land surface. Drinking water quality can be impacted directly by all of our activities. 

Thank you for helping to keep our drinking water safe! 

Colorado State University Extenstion

Environmental Protection Agency Septic Systems

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